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Repotting Kit for Premium Orchids

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This orchid starter kit guides you through the process of repotting your 5” Phalaenopsis orchid from start to finish. The orchid repotting kit contains orchid potting media, clips, a 6” clear grower pot, and a 6” ceramic pot. The enclosed booklet provides easy-to-follow instructions.

Why You Should Repot

Phalaenopsis Orchids benefit from periodic repotting to provide new nutrients from fresh media and to allow your orchid to grow larger. Repotting helps encourage your orchid to rebloom.

When to Repot

Repotting should happen after an orchid’s blooms have dropped as it enters dormancy.
In general, Just Add Ice Orchids should be repotted every one to two years. You may repot sooner if your orchid shows signs of distress such as overwatering, pests, or diseases.

How to Repot

The enclosed instructions guide you through the process of trimming your orchid, removing it from its current pot, trimming the roots, and repotting it into the new pot.

Customer Reviews

Based on 77 reviews
d Peel
Repotting Adventure

Always worried about disturbing a plant by transplanting, but you made this process quite easy. Now I’m just holding my breath with the hope that at some point I see my orchid bloom again!! 🤞🏻

Jeannifer Tucker

Haven’t used them yet. Waiting for blooms to fall off. And the babies to get roots.

Cheryl Frei

It's work great

Kathleen Nicita
Repotting kit is super easy

Kit came with easy instructions and plenty of media. Larger pot is pretty and perfect size for my growing orchid.

Very pleased

Everything arrived in great condition. Instructions were easy to follow, your potting mix is the best I've ever used. Looking forward to more new blooms this year.