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Buy Mini Orchids in Bulk & Online
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Buy Mini Orchids in Bulk & Online

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Buy Mini Orchids in Bulk & Online

Stocking live flowers in your shop can be tricky. In order to make a profit, you have to sell the flowers quickly. But Phalaenopsis orchids are a different story — they’re beautiful live blooms that last much longer than other live flowers and sell 6 to 12 times faster.

The Gallion Hospital Gift Shop saw the benefits of using The Flower Shop in a Box™ quickly — its first box sold out in just two weeks.

“You will be pleasantly surprised at the results. The flowers are so striking and the beautiful display tells the story of how easy it is to maintain the orchids and they are a perfect size to take to someone.” -- Gallion Hospital Gift Shop testimonial.

Whether you want to experience the success of the Gallion Hospital Gift Shop, or need bulk mini orchids for a special event, wedding or corporate or hotel decor, The Flower Shop in a Box™ is the perfect product.

The Flower Shop in a Box™:

  • Contains 20 mini orchids
  • Showcases in a colorful retail display
  • Turns 6 to 12 times faster than the average gift shop item
  • Is ready to sell right out of the box

Not ready to purchase? See why the Flower Shop in a Box™ has an industry-leading sell-through and how easy it is to add to your shop with this free guide.

Flower Shop In A Box