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Money Tree and Ivy Planter

Give the gift of springtime greenery with this Money Tree and Ivy Planter perfect for all occasions. Water the Money Tree with two ice cubes per week and maintain damp soil for the ivy with weekly waterings.

Easy Care
Water the money tree with two ice cubes weekly. Water the ivy weekly to maintain damp soil.

Great Gift
Potted plants are a long-lasting gift that can start a lifelong hobby. Perfect for Valentine's Day, birthdays, and all occasions.

How to Style
Potted plants make a beautiful addition to your home decor as a centerpiece, on the mantel, or anywhere else in your home including kitchen, office, or bedroom. Keep it in a room with bright, indirect sunlight.

Scientifically Proven Care Tips
In a research study done by the Ohio State University and University of Georgia, ice watering was proven to be an effective method that does not harm orchids. Slow melting ice helps the roots absorb water more efficiently. This means ice watering is the easiest way to make sure your orchid gets the right amount of water.

Grown by Experts
Just Add Ice orchids are grown by experts and ship right from the greenhouse to your home. They go through a transition process to help them adapt to fluorescent lighting so that they can thrive in any room of your home. If you need any help, the experts are just an email away.


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Quality Assurance

Each order is shipped using corrugated packaging, inserts and temperature controlling technologies.

Straight from the Greenhouse

Because we ship straight from our greenhouse in Oberlin, Ohio, you receive only the freshest plants.

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We handle returns and replacements on a case-by-case basis within 30 days of purchase with your happiness in mind. If your plant or pot arrived damaged and your order was placed less than 30 days ago - no worries, just have your order number and a photo of your damaged plant ready. Then fill out the form on our Contact Page so we can ship a replacement to you as soon as possible.